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Guitar Gallows Bio Information - Trey Anastasio
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Trey Anastasio (born Ernest Joseph Anastasio III on September 30, 1964) is an American guitarist, composer, and vocalist most noted for his work with the rock band Phish. He is credited by name as composer of 152 Phish original songs, 140 of them as a solo credit, in addition to 41 credits attributed to the band as a whole. He was ranked as number 73 on the Rolling Stone List of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time in 2003.

Anastasio, whose name derives from the Greek word for resurrection, began playing the drums as a youth, turning to guitar while a teenager. His father was an executive with Educational Testing Service. Anastasio's mother Dina, with whom he wrote songs as a child, was an author and the editor of Sesame Street magazine. He attended Princeton Day School for junior high school, where he began to write music with some of his classmates.

Anastasio attended classes at Mercer County Community College while living at home and while there met up with old friend Tom Marshall. Also attending Mercer was Marc Daubert who would officially join Phish as percussionist from September 1984 to February 1985. After seeing a Phish show, pianist Page McConnell joined Phish in the autumn of 1985. Anastasio, along with Jon Fishman, transferred to Goddard College, which he attended from fall of 1986 to spring of 1988.

During this time Anastasio also began a lifelong association with composer Ernie Stires, who taught him techniques for composition and arranging. While at Goddard, Anastasio assembled the song cycle The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday as his senior project. These songs would become mainstays of the Phish catalog. Anastasio graduated from Goddard in 1988 with a degree in creative writing.