Disliking the band's continual disharmony and lack of progression, Homme left the group after less than a year. He founded Gamma Ray, a group more centered to his unique style and tastes, which later became Queens of the Stone Age in 1997. Queens of the Stone Age released their eponymous debut album in 1998. Originally, he had asked a number of singers, including Lanegan, to perform as lead vocalist for Queens of the Stone Age, but ended up singing lead for the first time in his career.

Following their debut, the band released several singles and EPs. With the next album, Rated R, the band used a wider range of instruments to achieve a more relaxed, spacious and psychedelic sound. Despite differences from the band's debut, Rated R became Queens of the Stone Age's first mainstream hit. The next release, 2002's Songs for the Deaf, however; would gain even more buzz from the music community and fans alike. In Songs for the Deaf, Homme continued his filtering of stoner metal and hard rock through the progressive rock aesthetic. The album centers around Homme's memories of an uncomfortable ride through the California desert, where he had performed in his days with Kyuss, and where there was little else to do but listen to Spanish radio stations.

During this time, Homme had a falling out with bassist and friend Nick Oliveri. Following the release of Songs for the Deaf, their relationship deteriorated until Homme fired Oliveri from the band in 2004. Homme began writing their next album, Lullabies to Paralyze, named after a lyric from the Deaf hidden track "Mosquito Song".

Queens of the Stone Age's fifth album, Era Vulgaris, was released in early June 2007 and received generally positive reviews from critics.

In 2010, following on from his work with rock supergroup Them Crooked Vultures, Homme confirmed he would be back into live shows with the band. A re release of their debut album has been confirmed as well as a tour to follow it and the band have also been booked to play many late Summer 2010 festivals; the highlight being England's Reading and Leeds festivals which Homme commented on saying: "we have nothing to promote so we're just gunna go out and play a hardcore rock show" the band sub headline to Guns N' Roses at these two shows despite Homme and Axl Rose's very public dislike for one another.

Homme founded The Desert Sessions in 1997 as a musical collective series "that cannot be defined", at the Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree. The recordings are done "on the spot", in matters of hours and the line-up is constantly changing with new contributors being added for each new recording. Artists such as Brant Bjork, PJ Harvey, Jeordie White, Dave Catching, Nick Oliveri, Mark Lanegan, Ben Shepherd, John McBain, Josh Freese, Chris Goss, Alain Johannes, Dean Ween and many others from the Palm Desert scene have recorded with The Desert Sessions.

“ At Desert Sessions, you play for the sake of music. That’s why it’s good for musicians. If someday that’s not enough anymore, or that’s not the reason behind you doing it--that’s not your raison d’être--then a quick reminder like Desert Sessions can do so much for you, it’s amazing. It’s easy to forget that this all starts from playing in your garage and loving it." - Josh Homme

So far, ten volumes of from The Desert Sessions have been released. Homme also stated in the September issue of NME that he would record more material with The Desert Sessions.

In 1998 Josh formed Eagles of Death Metal with friend Jesse Hughes. Recordings from this project first appeared on Homme's, The Desert Sessions Volumes 3 & 4, released that year. Over the next few years, Homme became distracted from EoDM due to the success of Queens of the Stone Age. However, in an October 2008 interview, he re-affirmed his commitment to the band saying, "This isn't a side project for me. I'm in two bands. I have musical schizophrenia, and this is one of those personalities."

So far the band has released three albums: Peace, Love, Death Metal in 2004, Death by Sexy in 2006 and most recently Heart On in 2008. Due to his commitments with QOTSA Homme doesn't regularly tour with the band, but occasionally makes appearances during live performances.

In July 2009, it was revealed that Homme, Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones were recording together for a musical project named Them Crooked Vultures. The trio performed their first show together on August 9, 2009 in Chicago at The Metro to a crowd of approximately 1,100 ticketholders. The band has been steadily touring with live rhythm guitarist/auxiliary man Alain Johannes. Them Crooked Vultures was released by Interscope Records in the United States on November 17, and Sony Music internationally. They performed on Saturday Night Live as a musical guest on February 6, 2010, and on Austin City Limits on February 14, 2010.

The fan base is really growing fast for the "super" power trio "Them Crooked Vultures" with such an incredible base of talented musicians and their first CD of great songs all written as a group effort -  Guitar Gallows was there on April 17th at the Joint inside Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas to catch TCV live and we really must urge you to catch the show. Top of the line "premium" music from "top" musicians, playing to very receptive audiences. A major recipe for success, along with great fun for the band. - Guitar Gallows
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Joshua Michael Homme (born May 17, 1973 in Joshua Tree, California) is an American rock musician and record producer. He was a founding member of the stoner metal band Kyuss, as well as the founding and only continuous member of the hard rock band Queens of the Stone Age (QOTSA), in which he mainly sings and plays guitar. However, Homme is a multi-instrumentalist and plays guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard. He co-founded and occasionally performs with Eagles of Death Metal as its drummer, and continues to produce and release a musical improv series with other musicians, mostly from the Palm Desert scene, known as The Desert Sessions. In 2009, he appeared in a new project called Them Crooked Vultures with Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones. In 2010, Homme has concentrated his efforts on Them Crooked Vultures over all other projects.

At age 15 in 1988, Homme formed a hard rock band with school mates John Garcia and Brant Bjork in Palm Desert called Sons of Kyuss (later shortened to Kyuss). Homme was the band's lead guitarist. The band would become a cult phenomenon by the early nineties. The band often drove out to isolated locations in the desert and plugged into generators to perform, and these events, known as "Generator Parties" became urban legend among rock subculture.

Kyuss split up in 1995 and Homme went on tour with grunge act Screaming Trees, as their second guitarist to fill spare time. He and vocalist Mark Lanegan became close friends during their time touring, leading to Homme later recruiting Lanegan as an additional vocalist for the band.