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Guitar Gallows Bio Information - Jennifer Batten
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Jennifer Batten is an American guitarist. She has worked as both a session musician and a solo artist.

Batten's solo albums include her 1992 debut Above Below and Beyond, produced by Stevie Wonder's guitarist Michael Sembello; and her 1997 world beat influenced Jennifer Batten's Tribal Rage: Momentum.

Batten has appeared on recordings such as Jeff Beck's "Who Else" and "You Had It Coming", Carmine Appice's "Guitar Zeus" (featuring Brian May), Michael Sembellos' "Heavy Weather" , Carl Anderson's "Sunlight Again", Cindy Cruz's debut, Public Image bassist Bret Helm's "Doc Tahri" and the debut of The Immigrants. Her music video appearances include Jeff Beck, Michael Jackson, Natalie Cole and Sara Hickman and Miguel Mateos's "Obsesión".

Batten played lead and rhythm guitarist on Michael Jackson's Bad, Dangerous and HIStory tours, as well as his 1993 Super Bowl half-time performance.

Between 1994 and 1999 Batten joined Dave Rodgers and Domino as featured guitarist on the eurobeat songs "Sun City", "Music For the People", "Fly" and "Woa Woa Woa." Her writing and performing is uncredited in several other songs under the A-Beat C label.[citation needed] Her live Eurobeat appearances were limited to playing at the Tokyo Dome with Dave Rodgers and Queen of Hearts. Batten's third solo album, Whatever., was released in Japan in September 2007 and released in US on April 18, 2008.