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Guitar Gallows Bio Information - Buck Dharma
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Buck Dharma (born Donald Roeser) Was surrounded by music growing up, Roeser spent his formative years listening to his father, an accomplished jazz saxophonist, and naturally gravitated toward the melodic arts as the years progressed. He began his journey to rock legend as a drummer.

Fate intervened early, when the young Roeser fractured his left wrist on the basketball court. Unable to quell his musical energies, he began fiddling around with the guitar during his recovery, and the rest is rock history.

Buck Dharma's guitar playing became the signature sound of rock super-group, Blue Öyster Cult. One of the greatest guitarists of our time, Buck is the driving sonic force of Blue Öyster Cult, and continues to push his playing in new uncharted directions. A master from the beginning, he plays with an ease and grace that puts most players to shame. An extremely expressive player, Buck doesn't let any note go to waste. Each has something to say, if you're willing to listen.

Buck's talents don't stop at the humbucking pickups, either. Buck is a gifted songwriter and excellent singer. His smooth vocal style has graced the Dharma-penned hits "Don't Fear the Reaper" and "Burnin' For You" as well as many others. His voice contrasts and complements the sharper-edged style of lead vocalist Eric Bloom.